Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Acknowledgements not visible in Desktop TaxWise

The first lot of e-files transmitted had several problems.

1) After getting accepted by the IRS, 20 returns were batched and transmitted to CA state. A little while later, 2 acknowledgements came back to say all had been accepted. Subsequently, when I created the reports on State return status, the reports showed no acknowledgements. What is more surprising is that when I looked for the acknowledgements, the two CA acknowledgements were missing. It was weird that this happened, and I thought I was imagining it, but fortunately, I had exported the report to pdf and found it on my system, and sure enough it was there.

When I called up TaxWise customer support, they told me that the returns had been accepted by the state, and that they needed to "re-hang" the acknowledgements. By that I presume they somehow send the acknowledgement back again manually and it is received and processed by the transmitting computer, and everything is OK.

2) 2 of my IRS returns were rejected by the IRS. I reworked and transmitted them again, and waited and waited for the acknowledgement. I subsequently transmitted another return, and received the acknowledgement of the last return, but not the previous 2. Again, TaxWise customer service had to "re-hang" those acknowledgements.

I find this disconcerting: I rely on the reports and updates to the database to keep track of which returns have been processed correctly and which are still outstanding.
When I have 30 returns in a batch, I find it difficult to keep track of which ones are still in process, especially if there are only a few mixed in with the incorrect status information.

I was told that due to the high volume of returns being processed this week, there were glitches; however, while I can understand acknowledgements not being sent out, I find it a bit difficult to understand how the state acknowledgement can be processed sufficiently far to generate a report but not to update the database, and then disappear without a trace from the transmitting computer.

I am sure I am not the only lucky transmitter to have this problem. While I can appreciate that the volume of returns are high, people with problems like I have just clutter up the customer service lines, and wait in frustration which the customer service reps apologize - one solution is to look into increasing the system reliability and provide the ability to transmitters to rehang bad acknowledgments themselves, and to make sure that running ah acknowledgement a second time does not mess up the system.

What are the experience of others?
Please add your comments and insights.

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