Wednesday, February 25, 2009

locked fields on tax form defaults cannot be unlocked in a return

Because volunteer tax preparers were poking around in fields they had no business poking around in, I locked the defaults on some fields on the default tax forms.

It worked well, until I found there was a situation that required changing the field which required unlocking it. Well, evan as Administrator the field could not be unlocked, and that was frustrating. It appears that the locking carried over from the default tax return to the return itself, and no matter what I tried, it was not possible to salvage the return. The only way out was to copy the whole return on a different workstation starting with a different default tax form on the new return which had the field unlocked.

In my view, the ability to unlock a locked field should be allowed by a user with the appropriate privilege, rather than permanently locking it because the starting Tax defaults form was set that way. What do others think?

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